MacKenzie High Country bread is baked in the spirit and traditions of High Country New Zealand, where bread was handsome, took time and was full of abundant goodness. It’s why our MacKenzie bakers use simple ingredients and overnight fermented dough as part of every batch to create a loaf for today that feeds the soul.


Our product range


Oat & Quinoa Muffin Splits,
6 pack

Sprouted Grain & Chia Muffin Splits, 6 pack


Southern Grain Original High Country bread 800g


Station Seed & Grain Original High Country bread 800g


MacKenzie benefits


Overnight fermentation

It takes time to bake good bread. Back when things were less hurried and quality was everything, dough was left to ferment overnight. The resulting “sponge” gives our bread its traditionally rich flavour and good strong texture. Sometimes it’s good not to rush.


Quality New Zealand grown ingredients

In the MacKenzie country, we have strong provincial ties and believe it’s always better to support local growers. We select the best New Zealand grown ingredients we can find, in the right amounts we need to bake our bread.  The South Island produces top class purple wheat and barley and Canterbury is well known for its linseeds. Locally grown, lovingly crafted. MacKenzie High Country Bread.