MacKenzie High Country bread is baked in the spirit and traditions of the High Country.  A legacy forged in the most remote parts of the country.  There bread was handsome, took time, was generous in size and full of abundant goodness.  In this spirit, the range of Mackenzie High Country breads are brimming with provincial ingredients where possible, include overnight fermented dough and are baked in a generous wide tin to deliver a hearty loaf with the best possible flavours. 

But times are changing. People are living in smaller homes so the need for a smaller loaf that’s big on quality has arrived. MacKenzie Craft Loaf is a smaller 500g loaf that still packs a grainy punch.  Being smaller it fits in a toaster, making it a good choice for breakfast.  

We know you’ll love the grainy goodness of our MacKenzie High Country breads.